• Bring Magic to Your Mat

  • The only exclusively licenced The Lord of the Rings™ themed yoga mats

Bring Magic to Your Mat

The only exclusively licenced The Lord of the Rings™ themed yoga mats

Middle-earth™ Yoga Mats

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Reasons to fall in love with our mats

Outstanding Performance

Form is nothing without function. Our mats are performance quality with amazing grip: the perfect balance of firmness and cushioning. They are also longer, wider and thicker than industry standard, making them the perfect mat for every practitioner.

Stunning Designs

All of our designs are hand drawn by artists immersed in the timeless tales of Tolkien. Our dedication to creating a considered piece of art, along with a devotion to the minutiae of this folklore has allowed us to bring Middle-earth Yoga to life in an authentic way. We have also ensured that our designs are more than beautiful: they are functional and can aid with your alignment and meditation.


Our mats are made from biodegradable vegan PU leather and natural rubber. They are PVC free and non-toxic. We also minimise the amount of plastic used in our packaging.

Love Your Practice

Middle-earth™ Yoga mats will support you in your asana practice by aiding balance, grip and alignment.

 The mat is firm and thick, able to handle all sorts of exercises. I use it for high-impact aerobics and I can't praise the advantages of this mat enough. It has a non-slip surface, doesn't move around. The impact absorption is great; it provides excellent cushioning for my whole body. It's both durable and comfortable; perfect for home workouts.


“This is definitely the best mat I’ve practiced on, it is worth investing in - It has excellent grip and it provides a lot of stability during practice, you won’t slide even during the most challenging and sweaty practices. It also has a lovely cush making it great for meditation. My practice has improved and become more enjoyable since purchasing this mat. The fact that it’s eco friendly makes it even better!


I love my Tree of Gondor yoga mat! I have tried a number of yoga mats and have found this one to have the perfect blend of grip and cushioning. The gentle grip of this mat means I can focus fully on my position without worrying about slipping and the Tree is perfect as a guide for proper alignment.