Product Dimensions & Weight

185cm long (approx. 73"), 68cm wide (approx. 27"), 4.2mm thick, 2.5kg

How to Care for Your Mat

Marks on this style of mat come with the territory, most will easily wipe off or wear off over time, but overall we hope you will see these as part of the story of your practice and forming the character of your mat.

To avoid the worst of the marks, avoid applying oil or moisturiser of any kind to your skin or hair before practising.

If you wish to remove the marks on your mat, simply wipe gently with soft cloth using water and very diluted cleaning liquid, or vinegar, ensuring your cloth is well wrung out.

Never use cleaning agents with essential oils, alcohol or petroleum-based solvents on your mat

Lay flat to dry.

Do not leave in the sun.

Roll with the pattern facing out when dry. Do not fold your mat.

    Why does my mat smell?

    Mats made from rubber will have a natural rubber smell. You can air your mat for a few days to help minimise this and it will wear off in time.

    If you're smelling something other than rubber you probably need to wash your mat, follow the care instructions above.

    Can I use an Middle-earth Yoga™ mat for Hot Yoga? 

    Due to the incredible grip of these mats, you will be able to use it no matter how sweaty you get!

    How long will my mat last?

    This is an eco-conscious product that will therefore biodegrade over time. However, if you take care of your mat, we have estimated that daily users will be able to get a minimum of 3 years practice from their mats. 

    What are Middle-earth Yoga mats made from?

    The mats are made from a quality natural rubber base and and a vegan friendly PU-leather top. They are free of PVC and other harmful substances. Both these materials are fully biodegradable.

    Are Middle-earth Yoga mats safe for people with a Latex allergy? 

    Rubber yoga mats are 99% latex free, and safe for most people with a latex hypersensitivity. In cases of a very severe allergies, contact with the mat is not recommended.

    My mat looks speckled in some areas, is that normal?

    Due to the printed nature of our designs, some areas may appear ‘speckled’ or textured. This is completely normal.

    Can I use my mat outdoors?

    Due to the delicate nature of the mat’s design, we do not recommend any prolonged exposure to the sun.

    Where are the mats made?

    Right now our mats are manufactured in China from a company who have supplied us with fair working practice and environmental certifications. However, our intention has always been to work with a UK or EU supplier who can make high quality, non-slip, biodegradable mats that can show our designs. Despite our searches we are yet to find you - if you are a suitable manufacturer, or know of a good company then we would love to hear from you! (info@middle-earth.yoga)