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  • Designed by lovers of Tolkien

  • Perfect Grip & Cushioning

  • Fast International Shipping

  • Be Inspired to Practice

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Why Choose Our Mats?

Outstanding Performance

Form is nothing without function. You need a mat that will work with you through your practice. Here you will find only mats with amazing grip and the perfect balance of firmness and cushioning. They are also longer, wider and thicker than industry standard.

Stunning Designs

Carefully considered pieces of art designed for you by artists immersed in the timeless tales of Tolkien. A devotion to the minutiae of this folklore has allowed us to bring Middle-earth Yoga to life in an authentic way you will love.


You can rest assured knowing that all mats are made from biodegradable vegan PU leather and natural rubber. They are PVC free and non-toxic. We also minimise the amount of plastic used in our packaging.

Fast International Shipping

Experienced in international shipping, we post worldwide. Free shipping options are available.

Patterns Aid Alignment

Many of the patterns will aid in your practice by helping with your alignment in fun, creative ways!

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